Five for Friday

It's World Cup time. If the Olympics are the only time that Bekah is excited about sports on TV, that's how I feel about the Fifa World Cup.

Problem being, my wife doesn't understand soccer. She says, "it's just a bunch of people running around kicking a ball. At least in hockey there's an occasional fight." Therefore, I have to get my soccer fix through my iPhone, the internet, and telepathy. Just kidding about that last one.

But if I had to make a psychic prediction of the next five games, here's what I'd predict.

1. South Korea vs Greece. Greece gets slaughtered.
2. Argentina vs Nigeria. Argentina wins. Easily.
3. USA vs England. We barely beat England,
4. Algeria vs Slovenia. It's a tie.
5. Serbia vs Ghana. Serbia has a soccer team? Ghana wins.

Part of me hopes that an African team wins the World Cup, but I know that's unlikely. Part of my would love to see the American team take it all, but also know they don't stand a chance. I'll be rooting for Germany to win, but my (hypothetical) money is on Brazil.

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