Five for Friday

This has not been a good week for Idaho. We've been in the news, and mostly for embarrassing reason. It's a good thing we have beautiful scenery, because the some of the people here are questionable.

Here are the five recent Idahoan headlines catching national attention that hurts my soul.

1) First one seems harmless, but it is a bit hillbilly.

2) Next up, an unlikely vandal. The Condiment Lady

3) Tax dodging Hart. First news was that Idaho State Representative had $300,000 in new tax leans from the IRS. Seems he skipped paying taxes from 1997 through 2002 (finally paying in 2004) and he didn't file his 2003 taxes until 2005. Why? He thinks income taxes are unconstitutional. He even took it to court where it was dismissed by the Supreme Court. (Story HERE, and HERE) Then it comes to light that he also owes the state of Idaho $53,000 (which he's appealing to the State Tax Commission). This probably would not be as big of an issue if it wasn't for his position in the State Legislature. He serves on the House Revenue and Taxation committee (which should be some sort of conflict of interest). He's used his executive privilege of legislative session to delay the IRS in four of the six years he's worked for the state. And he blames his job with the state for his tax troubles. This is blatant tax dodging, as Hart's claims that (constitutionally speaking) the only things that are subject to taxation is property; yet he owns no property. Both his house and his business are set up in trusts under his daughter's name. In other words - he's hiding his assets for the sole purpose of avoiding taxes. We would vote him out, but the last time his name was on the ballot, he ran unopposed. (And to add insult to injury, his girlfriend was recently elected to the position of county commissioner in Kootenai County.)

4) Remember Edgar Steele? He was the attorney that represented the Aryan Nations in the 2000 lawsuit the bankrupted the organization. He also tried to represent the McGuckin family after their 2001 police standoff in Sagle. He's a known anti-semitist and much of his writings are laced with racist bile. Last Friday he was arrested in a murder for hire plot. According to witness testimony, Mr. Steel had a list of people he wanted killed - including his wife and his mother-in-law. Naturally, he's pleading "absolutely, completely not guilty."

5) Thought we were done with Steele? Nope. A pipe bomb was discovered on Tuesday at a Quick Lube near Fred Meyer. A stretch of Highway 95 was shut down for hours while the bomb squad was called in to investigate. Owner of the vehicle? Edgar Steele. Driver of the vehicle? His wife. Sadly, his "fans" are claiming Steele is being framed by the FBI because of his non-politically correct writings and his fight to stand up for the oppressed white people. Face, meet palm.

Welcome to Idaho. Don't worry, most of us are sane.

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