Still too young for logic

Conversation following my oldest's recent stint in time out.

Christian: I'm angry.
Me: Why are you angry?
Christian: Because Momma made me go to time out.
Me: Why did she send you to time out?
Christian: Because I pushed my sister.
Me: You were being mean to your sister?
Christian: Uh-huh.
Me: why did you push your sister?
Christian: Because she was trying to pick up the crayons. That was my job.
Me: She was trying to help you?
Christian: But I didn't want her to.
Me: You didn't want her help? She was trying to be nice to you.
Christian: I didn't want her help.
Me: So, let me make sure i understand this right. You were being mean to your sister because she was being nice to you?
Christian: Uh-huh.
Me: Good choice or bad choice?
Christian: Bad choice.
Me: And you were in time out because you made a bad choice?
Christian: Uh-huh.
Me: So, you're mad at Momma because you made a bad choice?
Chrisitan: No! That's not why I'm angry. I'm angry because she sent me to time out.
Me: But you were in time out because you made a bad choice.
Christian: Yeah.
Me: And you would not have been in time out if you made a good choice.
Christian: Yeah.
Me: So you're mad because of your bad choices.
Chrisitan: No!

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