Weekend Recipes: Sweet & Spicy Burgers

I have found burger perfection. Compliments to my brother-in-law, the grill master, for handling the Webber.

Step 1: Season and grill the burgers (Dan used a steak rub that was primarily salt, pepper, and garlic, with a few additional spices).

Step 2: Toast onion buns over grill.

Step 3: The sauce (blend of ranch and BBQ sauce).

Step 4: The garnishments: diced pineapple (small chunks), chopped cilantro, iceberg and butter lettuce, thin sliced Walla-Walla sweet onions (preferably grilled), and crushed red pepper.

Step 5: Stack it all in whatever fashion you desire.

The only ingredient we missed last night were the onions (Bekah was so distracted by my request for cilantro that she forgot the onion). Even without the Walla-Walla sweets, the burger was sinfully delicious.

p.s. Cilantro is my new favorite herb.

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