And it feels like old times (blogiversary part 1)

Do you know what happened five years ago today? I posted my very first blog post. To celebrate my fifth blogiversary, take a journey with me through the depths of my archives. Five years of blogging, sixty months of writing, 525 posts. I do not wish to unearth all 525 posts, but rather compile my favorites - a greatest hits, so to speak.

The following are the 13 best posts from the first year of RR&RT.

June ’05: Pilchuck

July ’05: Office Space

August ’05: Tomfest

September ’05: Birds & Kids

October ’05: The Exorcist

November ’05: Sports

December ’05: Music Snob

January ’06: Dumb Dog

February ’06: The Good and the Bad of Fast Food Service

March ’06: Panic

April ’06: Rules

May ’06: Best Buy


  1. Quirky collection. How did that May, 2006 plan to enlist your son's help in deceiving a retail store for no discernible purpose turn out?

    I'm thinking the teenage blowback could be ugly. (It's bad enough even when you do your best to teach integrity.)

  2. He's still too short. I might tweak it a little to have him run out to the car to "fetch" something I forgot.

    And I wouldn't do it anywhere other than Best Buy. As a former employee who was taught to lie to sell additional junk, and given a corrective action when I refused to lie... I'm surprised they're still in business.