Complicating nature's call

This may or may not be a surprise to you, but there are people who avoid public restrooms. Be it fear or psychosis, some obsessive compulsion to avoid germs or a need to control their environment, public potties are a deathtrap.

To understand the reasoning behind this avoidance strategy, please indulge this vocabulary lesson.

Lutropublicaphobia: fear of using public restrooms
Paruresis: The inability to pee in the presence of other people (real or imagined). Also known as a bashful bladder.
Parcopresis: The inability to poop without a predefined or preferred level of privacy. Also known as psychogenic fecal retention or shy bowels.

Now imagine my horror when I step into the bathroom this afternoon to do my duty and see this poster covering the toilet side of the stall door:

I’m certain that the Mad Hatter is not helping any of the preceding psychological conditions.


  1. eeewwuuu!
    I'm absolutely certain my biological functions would all be "bashful" when faced with that face (did you take it down?)

  2. Gah! *shields eyes*

    That's just mean.

  3. Take it down? It's the size of the door. Where am I going to put it. And I'd look rather suspicious dragging a creepy Johnny Depp out of the men's room.