The problem with pain

Pain is a human plague. It is a blight that knows no discrimination; it ignores all boundaries of gender, age, race, and political affiliation. Yet, pain is not fairly distributed. There are people whose lives are constantly bombarded with trials and tribulation and they are emotionally wounded. Other individuals (whether through providence, luck, or skill) seem to escape the difficulties of life and they live in a charmed existence. There are also a few who seek agony for some perverse thrill.

I don't like pain. With the exception of masochists, I think that statement is true for most people. People don't like to hurt. If it was pleasant, it wouldn't be called pain.

Yet, my adversion to any form of discomfort is abnormal. While I dislike pain, I also do all I can to avoid it. The irony in that statement is the harder I work to avoid any twinge of affliction, the more it hurts. The backwards logic of torment declares that the one must endure pain to excape pain.

Now I'm not suggesting anyone should torture themselves in order to avoid future injury. Quite the opposite. I propose no invitation to danger nor any reckless pursuits. What I am discovering (and relaying here) is a challenge to face whatever ails you. Don't shy away, stand tall. Don't flee, stay and fight.

Neither am I attempting to dilude the reality of pain. A current painful experience will never negate future hurts or ailments. Trouble will come and may be more trying than any other misery you've previously faced. Walking through pain is not a promise to never hurt again, but the strength to endure whatever troubles come your way.

I don't know where you are right now, if I find you in joy or sorrow - in sickness or vibrance. I may be writing this to challenge myself (and I freely admit that I might not ever get this right), but I also wish to spur you along to grow with me. Maybe, in the midst of your pain...

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