Drive Slow

Christian rode with me to the grocery store this evening. While approaching a stop sign, he gave me the following observation.

"Decelerate means to slow down."

"That is correct," I said. "Decelerate does mean to slow down."

"Yeah," he continued, "and slow down means to slow down."

*** * *** * ***

And while we're on the topic of the family, I have a fantastically splendorific news that is so full of awesome that my blog can not contain it. For the past five years, my wife has looked over my blogging shoulder with a Cheshire smile and bemused roll of her eyes, reading an occasional post and chiding me when I most deserved it. For the past couple years (more-so in recent months) I've poked and prodded her and coaxed with every ounce of creativity that I could muster to convince her to start a blog. Just when I though all hope was lost, she did it. She started a blog.

To which I can only think of two things to say: Wahoo! and It's about time. As in life, her blog's purpose is far more defined than mine. You can find her blog here, My Special Blessings. Go ahead, show her some love. I know you want to.

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