Blogfest's pictorial review

For those of you that were not able to attend, here is what you missed.

North Idaho supplied some beautiful skies.
And Bent lit up his gigantic grill. With firewood.
Bent spent most of his time behind the grill, tending to the steak and chicken.
He was also sociable. Here he's chatting with Stickman.
Cis, Dogwalk, Herb, and Dave chat with Liz and others.
No, your eyes were not deceiving you. Dave and Herb were both wearing matching shirts. And by "matching" I mean "identical."
Proud papa, JimmyMac arrived with his new baby along for a leisurely stroll.
And Dustin made sure everyone knew he was Mike Kennedy's biggest fan.
Don Sausser talked with most everyone there. Here he's talking to Digger and Spaz.
The chicken went on the grill.
And there was plenty of food.
A good time was had by all.

Other observations:

Spencer is both taller and skinnier than I assumed, however his superman hair was on full display and exactly how everyone describes.

I always forget how deep of a voice Herb commands. And for those of you that believe he's a grouchy old man, forget it. He's a charmer and my daughter adored him.

It was good to see Stebbijo out and among the HBO crowd. Also got to meet her husband for the first time. Also of interest, Stebbijo and I have the same exact camera.

I feel bad for Gary. He had a wicked sunburn. (softball, I think)

I was looking forward to talking more with a few people - primarily Mike and Beth. But my daughter was keeping me busy. I got far more exercise following her around than I anticipated.

If you ever have the opportunity to dine on Bent's BBQ, do not pass it up. Absolutely delicious. I think I like his grill work better than Wolf Lodge.

Also a big 'thank you' to Dave for the work that he does. That's the reason we all were there.

And a massive kudos to Steve Widmyer and his crew at Fort Ground Grill for being friendly and gracious hosts.

I was not the only attendee with a camera. You can see other galleries from other photographers far more talented than I.

Don's pictures HERE. (He got a few excellent shots of Zu)
And Stebbijo's collection HERE.
Cis's photos HERE.


  1. Nice blog post - Nic.

    Thank-you - however, I am no photographer. I will bestow that title to Don Suasser. My method is point and click - if I am lucky the camera does the rest of the work.

  2. Excellent photos nic. Your daughter is just beautiful.

  3. Hey, Nic - yes - hard to talk to everyone though - great photos, and great synopsis - it was fun!