Checking in a little late

This is the post that I should have published on Thursday. Instead, I went to bed early.

It was a no change week. No good, but better than the four pound gain that happened at the beginning of the sexyback challenge.


At my wife's urging, and in light of some personal frustrations, I went to the doctor earlier this week for some lab work. We were looking to see if there were some medical factors contributing to a lack of weight loss despite improved diet and increased exercise. The doc found something and I've got a followup visit at the beginning of August. On top of the stagnant weight, we're hoping this also explains my perpetual state of exhaustion and occasional/inexplicable irritation.

I also began physical therapy yesterday to see if we can fix my jacked up neck and shoulders. My shoulder blades are too far apart (and the right one is slightly higher than the left), they're rotated forward a bit, which causes my head to rest forward more than natural. All that results in constant tension throughout my scalene and trapezius muscles. The culprit (as if this should be any surprise) is me sitting in front a computer; it pays the bills but kills my neck. The therapist gave me a stretch to do (at least to start) three times a day that I'll begin working into my regular exercise routine.

Hopefully with the doctor/therapy combination I can begin to make some noticeable progress.

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