Five for Friday: tidbits

I had to get some blood drawn on Wednesday. Is it weird that I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula while waiting on the phlebotomist to stick a needle in my arm? As for the classic novel, I have a new favorite literary quote: “For so surely as we live, that scar shall pass away when God sees right to lift the burden that is hard upon us. Till then we bear our Cross, as His Son did in obedience to His Will. It may be that we are chosen instruments of His good pleasure, and that we ascend to His bidding as that other through stripes and shame. Through tears and blood. Through doubts and fear, and all that makes the difference between God and man.”

Speaking of phlebotomy, I have bad veins. It took two phlebotomists and multiple pokes to find a usable vein. There is a good reason I don’t like needles. I once had a bad experience. And then another one. This occurrence didn’t improve my outlook.

New word: Experdited (verb, past tense) what happens when an expert expedites something

I completely forgot Leonard Nemoy’s name earlier this week. Does that mean I have to turn in my geek credentials?

What’s with all the RVs camping in the section of the Walmart parking lot closest to the street? There’s no RV hookups so that eliminates the possibility of dumping the stored up effluence. It would be like trying to sleep in daylight with all those bright streetlamps illuminating the whole area. And you’d have to cope with all the noise of street traffic. Most importantly, we live in North Idaho where actual campgrounds are plentiful (also, more scenic and less white-trashy).

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