Conversations with JJ

Now that JJ is home hospital, he is full of energy. With that boundless energy comes words - lots of words. Unless there is food in his mouth, he won't stop talking.

However, when he talks this much, he doesn't always make sense. This would be more annoying if he wasn't so funny.

Me: "Are you ready to go home?"
JJ: "Yes!"
Me: "Are you sure?"
JJ: "Uh-huh."
Me: "I think you want to go for a drive in the mountains."
JJ: "No!"
Me: "No? Where do you want to go?"
JJ: "Home."
Me: "OK, we'll go to the mall."
JJ: "No."
Me: "Nanna's house?"
JJ: "No. Our house."
Me: "In the middle of our street."
JJ: "No. (he didn't get the reference) In Coeur d'Alene!"
Me: "Right. That's where we live."
JJ: "I'm telling Momma that you're lying."


Me: "You're so non sequitur."
JJ: "I'm not random sect it were."
Me: "Yes you are."
JJ: "Uh-uh... Look it up in a psychopedia."


JJ points at a church as we drive by. He asks, "Are we going to church?"
Me: "No, it's not church day, and we don't even go to that church."
JJ: "But there's people there."
Me: (looks at three cars in the parking lot) "No more than the pastor, a janitor, and their secretary."
JJ: "Blah hah oohs walkawalka ooga lah lah waaaaaaaah. I said, there's hundreds of people."

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