Peace in the Mid-East: an 8 year old's plan

On the way home, Christian asked me if people in Israel still worship God. Naturally, this turned into a bigger discussion about politics and religion and stuff that every second grade kid wants to talk about. Right?

OK, maybe it's just my kid.

But he had a simple question with a complex answer so it warranted some additional details. I talked about the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock. I told him how that area was the birthplace of the three biggest religions in the world - that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all started there. I talked about how those three religious groups in Israel all believe they have rights to that land and that they're fighting over those rights. I talked about how they're hurting each other because they disagree in politics and religion. I talked about how the three religious groups don't really like each other. I talked about how each group wants power and control. I talked about how each group wants the other two to leave.

This was almost too much for him to wrap his brain around and mentally digest.

Then he said, "I believe that everyone should have the right to live anywhere." Ah, the wisdom of a child.

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