Zu's Photographic Review

This is Zu.

This was her year.

She is my little fashionista.

She has mastered the art of feeling the full range of emotions in a single day.

My favorite is when she's like this.

She is my brave child. She'll try things that make her brothers tremble.

She is a girl of summer.

Yet she's perfectly comfortable in winter.

My daughter will wreck you. When she smiles, she lights up a room. And when she's sad, it will break your heart. Yet, when you're sad, she will make an effort to comfort you. She is beautiful and she knows it. I'm buying myself a shotgun when she turns 13. Inside of this little girl is a clever brain. She is smart, witty, and full of attitude. And she possesses a level of empathy that would put most adults to shame.

I love this girl.

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