Glue Sniffer

A coworker was divulging a story of how she got carded at Walmart over the New Years weekend. She was surprised and her husband thought it was hilarious. Why might it be funny? First, she's about the same age as my parents. Second, she was buying rubber cement.

As she retold the events as they unfolded, she quoted her husband's response: "You mean to tell me that there are crack dealers on the street selling cocaine, and you want to see ID to sell rubber cement"

"Yes," said the cashier.

At this point in the tale, I asked her, "Since when did they start carding people buying rubber cement?"

"Have you smelled this stuff recently?" She replied. "I nearly got high just using it for the project I was finishing."

"Are you kidding me? I sniffed that stuff the whole way through my high school days." I said.

"That explains a lot."

Note to self: have drivers license handy if ever purchasing rubber cement.

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