JJ's Photographic Review

This is JJ.

This was his year.

JJ did not have an easy year, and it's not fun when he is sick.

His finger was almost amputated the night before Easter. But that was only his first trip to the ER.

On the last ride of autumn, before the weather turned cold, he fell off of his bike and bit through his tongue.

And as the year was coming to an end, he got hit by a class mate on a trike. Broken leg.
(Yes, I said trike.)

When he's healthy and injury free, he's finding new ways to express himself.

Or perfecting his rockstar moves.

Or doing whatever it is he's doing in this picture. Honestly... I'm not sure what he's doing.

If you ever see him with a halo, trust me - it's only temporary.

JJ is our clumsy child. He is accident prone, goofy, random, filled with absurdist humor, and the definition of non sequitur. He is Bamm-Bamm. He's found a distinct pleasure in pestering his brother and sister. He's the rough and tumble kid that is all boy. He's developed a fascination with sports that he did not inherit from either of his parents. He has become obsessed with vehicular machinery in a way that neither of his siblings ever attempted. Given the option, he'd rather watch a documentary on monster trucks than most cartoons. He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. And sometimes, he'll make you laugh and cry simultaneously. Life with JJ is an adventure.

I love this kid.

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