special effects

Do you remember that one movie, the one with that little girl that spoke dead laguages and her head spun around.

The Exorcist, you say? Yeah, that's the one.

There's this one part where she... umm... she had some problems and decided to redecorate. I always thought that that whole scene was a nice bit of special effects, especially considering that the movie came out in 1973. But not humanly possible.

Christian has proved otherwise. I am now a firm believer in the possibility of projectile... well, you've seen the movie.

Here's the recipe: one cup cherry yogurt, one bottle of Sunny Delight fruit punch, a couple chicken nuggets and maderin oranges, top it off with an upset stomach. And presto, we now have pinkish carpet. I wonder where it all came from.


  1. Where's the french fries, milk and chocolate cake? I don't think I'll go into detail on Ethan, Rachel's or even my projectile experiances. Now, take projectile add smell and a 12 hour trip to see you in SD and imagine the horror.

  2. never mind, I cannot write what image just went thru my mind----some things just go thru---nuff said.