fun things to do with a pocket full of change

If you walk in to Ambrosia Tattoos in Coeur D'Alene, you will find a quarter glued to the counter near where you would normally expect to find a cash register.

Tattoo shops are a slightly different environment than most businesses. Customers are not always there to get work done, sometimes they are there to just hang out. Rock music and heavy metal seems less obnoxious than it would say... at a bank. Everyone for the most part has a "eh, whatever attitude." There is a natural camaraderie where complete strangers instantly consider each other friends. Despite the fact that the artist that owns the operation looks like he could fold you into a pretzel and break you into a million pieces, he is usually the kindest person there.

But I'm getting off the point. Back to the quarter. As soon as I saw the quarter I knew it had been set in place with super glue. Bekah didn't quite notice it as quickly as I did, but after rubbing her elbow over it a couple times she finally caught on.

It reminded me of brighter days. Getting kicked out of K-Mart for super gluing quarters to the floor tiles near the entry of the store. Not to mention getting kicked out of K-Mart for playing hockey in the sporting goods isle, and getting kicked out while acting like a gay person for "suspicious behavior." (We threatened filing complaints for discrimination against sexual orientation

Again, I'm getting off the point, back to the quarter. I told Bekah, they probably put it there on purpose just to see how many people would try to pick it up. As I'm sure they periodically get drunk visitors, they probably do get significant entertainment value out of that lone quarter.

After a discussion with one of the girls who works there, Bekah and I learned they derive more entertainment from a similar gluing of a mixture of quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies to the sidewalk outside the establishment. After all, it just looks like some one dropped a pocket full of change.

There is a tax preparation service in the same strip mall as Ambrosia. Could you imagine how many people would try to get the money if some one tried a similar prank outside of H&R Block.

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  1. So were you guys getting tattoos? Haha... I always told Bekah that she could never get just one!