real life conversation

I am not making this conversation up.

Teacher: What is the oldest pyramid in Egypt

Student 1: (shurg)I don't know.

Student 2: The one at Giza?

(other students guess)

Student 3: Is it the one without the nose?

Teacher: (random laughing in the background) That is not a pyramid.

Student 3: Yes it is, it's the one with no nose!

(more random laughter)

Student 2: What about the great pyramid?

Teacher: No.

Student 3: The one with no nose, it's a statue in Egypt. It's the oldest pyramid.

Teacher: (shakes head no)

Student 4: (attempts to explain what a pyramid is)

Student 3: It's the one with the broken nose. You know... The sphincter!

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  1. did someone forget to connect the dots in this guys brain? and he will be solving people's problems when they call? be afraid, be very afraid