While at Quiznos, I overheard one of the strangest things. There was a young man on his cell phone in one of the booths. He had latino styled tattoos on one fore arm and Chinese lettering tattooed to the other. His sense of fashion was borrowed from street gangs and the kid looked like he was from LA or Miami.

He was trying in vain to explain where he was to whoever was on the other end.

Before I continue, find a map of Idaho and locate Coeur d'Alene. Even if you KNOW where Coeur d'Alene is, I would still appreciate it if you looked a map.

Moving on. The kid was describing his location, and the person he was talking to wan't getting it. He looked over at the girl working the cash register and asked:

I kid you not. "Is this North Idaho or south Idaho?"


  1. True story, I had a booking agents assitant ask me, "Is Cheyenne east or west of the Mississippi River?"

    I have also had people ask if we had real cowboys in Wyoming? And one of the ladies I work with went to NY for a conference and was asked if we still had buggies to get around in.

    Am I surprised that people have no clue about areas they travel to? NO! Am I surprised that people know nothing of the geology of the US? NO! We are the dumbest people of the "civilized" world. Fortunately, we have people like you to help calm the raging storm of stupidity in this world.

  2. When I tell people I live north of Seattle, often they ask if I am Canadian. They think Seattle is on the Canadian/US border. So how did that "bro" get misplaced to northern Idaho? Did he get off Greyhound after a long long nap? Also, did you count how many times he said "dude" during his fone conversation?