Pop Quiz

What does this first group of people have in common?

Edward Jenner
Dennis Hopper
Trent Reznor
Bill Paxton
Sugar Ray Leonard
Bob Saget
Craig Ferguson
Andrea Corr
Odd Hassel
Cool Papa Bell
Brigit Nilsson
Taj Mahal

How about this second group? What do they have in common?

Benji Madden
Joel Madden
Norah Jones
Bjørn-Arild Berthelsen
Ivan Miljković
The Game
Rob Bourdon
Mena Suvari
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Heath Ledger
Claire Danes
Kate Hudson
Rosario Dawson
Graeme McDowell
Bam Margera
Adam Brody

If you think you know the answers, post a comment. If you have no idea post a comment anyways. I'd love to hear from all three of my loyal readers... oh wait, I have four now.


  1. The first group all played some sore of sport in HS. The second group could also be recognized by single name only.

    So I know I am way off, but that is the best and sadly the most creative I get at this time of night. Especially when it comes to pop culture. You don't like....bite....a cookie if you got one.

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    the first group: all born on may 17th

    the second group: all born in 1979

  3. Nic, help me out here, I haven't even heard of more that a few for each list! This isn't fair, now I have to spend hours googling each of their names and wasting time that I should be spending on important things like movies and IM. So, just post the answer!

  4. use wikipedia instead of google. and if that doesn't help... the answer is all ready posted.