overstating the obvious


Two guys are playing ping-pong. In a failed attempt to do something shifty one player hooks the ball sharply, nearly getting it trapped under the refrigerator. If he had have been playing baseball, he would have hit it into the dugout off the third base line.

The man with no control of his paddle then states, "Oops, I screwed that one up."

Ah, yes. I can see that.


  1. Wow, you know, it like, yahh...

    :D I hope I made you smile. How is the fam?

  2. would the same player without control become a great player with paddle control? is it paddle control alone that creates a sense of "i did not screw it up"? nah---too much thinking to consider how great this player would be--especially if playing this close to a tempting refrigerator--where food is located at.