Footprints in the Sand: the rest of the story

Once Jesus finished explaining the meaning of the first two sets of footprints, I inquired about the third set.

"So," I asked, "the dual set of prints are from when we walked side by side?"

"Yes." Jesus answered.

"And the single set of footprints are not my walking with out you, but those are your footprints from the times that you carried me?"

"That is correct." Jesus said.

"Then, what about that third set?" I asked. "The footprints are sideways and partially obscured by deep cuts in the sand. And it looks like that part of the beach has been torn up with sand thrown indiscriminately. What happened there?"

"My dear son," Jesus said, with an amused smile and a hint of laughter in his voice. "That is when I had to drag you, kicking and screaming."

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