The crispiest chips in the west

When I was in high school, I believed the four main food groups were: pizza, potato chips, Taco Bell, and anything that came out of a vending machine. Now, I am a bit older, wiser... and a bit rounder in the mid-section; so I know better.

I still have my vices. I have a much clearer understanding that potato chips belong to the fatty, salty, oily food group. Yet, hand me a bag of Ruffles, and I'll reason that potatoes are (hypothetically) a vegetable and I must get my four helpings of vegetables. That is likely the gluttonous side of me speaking, and is part of the reason for the previously mentioned roundness.

That is why I have a strong appreciation for Tim's Cascade Style chips. Tim's chips are the crunchiest potato chips ever created, except maybe the home made batch I once attempted to make on my own and inadvertently over cooked. Beyond the crispiness, Tim's packs an unearthly amount of flavor into each bite. They are just so irresistibly delicious, I can not think of a better crafted brand of chips. The creative masterminds the make Tim's continually produce imaginative (yet excellent) flavors. Parmesan & Garlic (pictured), Steak & Onion, Alder Smoke Barbecue, and my new favorite: Johnny's Seasoned.

I am not trying to say that other brands are disgusting (unless of course, you find potato chips abhorrent). I still like potato chips, although I do try to avoid them, for some well rounded reasons. Some brands live up to their slogan. Lays are serious when they say "Bet you can't eat just one." I ask them, "Do mean one bag? Because I could eat two." Perhaps you are beginning to understand why I keep mentioning my roundness.

As much as I would like to eat an entire bag of Tim's, I can't; it is not physically possible. There is SO MUCH flavor sandblasted onto each chip, I find myself satisfied after only a handful or two. And for me that is good. If I must have an unhealthy vice, at least it is something that I will not over indulge. So if you ever find yourself invited to a bring your own snack event at my place, bring a bag of Tim's.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I miss Tim's Cascade chips. They sell something like it here in Texas, but it's not Tim's. Oh how I miss the northwest!!!!