The new puppy

The new puppy is home after a week at the vet. The battle over Parvo is not quite over, but she is getting stronger. Now she needs a name, and you can help us with that. Just tell us which of these three names you like best.

1. Terata (Ter-aht-ah: means Marvel or Wonder - often translated into Miracle)

2. Antagoni (An-tag-ohn-ee: shortened from the word antagonizomenoi- which means struggling against)

3. Elpida (El-peed-ah: means Hope)

Vote: 1. Terata, 2. Antagoni, or 3. Elpida


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    My first choice is 3, my second choice is 2. Cute puppy!!

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    ok seriously...i think we should just stick with a simple name like..."Chase" =]
    i mean comon..would you want your name to be Antagoni?

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    COME HERE TERETA!! THAT'S A GOOD GIRL TERETA!!!...lol...i know you guys love those excentric things in life..but i don't see anyone calling there dogs these names =/
    ..but hey..there are worse out there =]
    ...haha...if you name it Tereta i'm so shortening it to Tourettes =]

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Terata...lol..i'm just having fun leaving comments now =]

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Chase is anonymous!!!
    ok well not anymore =/

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    mom says Choice #3 and Second Choice is #1. Antagony sounds like someone is being mean to me. dad votes for (required vote) same as mom! the better option would be "arf arf" because every little tyke in your home could easily learn to say that.

  7. Terata is nice. Elpida sounds like something bad the dog did. "Elpida on the couch, somebody get the stain remover!"

  8. I have nothing to say about the name.

    The dog is a fine looking girl. I'm smitten by her. I wish you and and yours and your puppy many, many happy years together.


  9. Such cute puppy pictures are dangerous. It might give some people puppy envy. :)

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Pronouncable names as alternatives:
    1. Britney
    2. Madonna
    3. Betsy Ross
    4. Hilary
    5. Mother Teresa

  11. Well, I have been told that one syllable names are best for dogs, but in the absence of a choice...I would pick Elpida... I am probably too late to really have a vote...but there you go! Blessings!