One complaint... then I'll get off my soapbox

Spokane's River 99.9 needs a new Saturday night DJ. Saturday nights are most likely the only time during the week that you could hear a song from Blink182. Not a big deal until the DJ dedicates the song to her brother - who loves rap music but somehow is into Blink182.

Once I recovered from the taste of nausea, the DJ announced the next song: Stone Temple Pilots' Sour Girl. She described Sour Girl as one of her favorite STP songs, and one of the most underrated/underplayed songs from their vast catalogue.

You have horrible taste in music if Sour Girl is your favorite STP song. First, the song was completely over-hyped (which is probably the reason that it is under played, not to mention - there are better STP songs to choose from). Second, Sour Girl is nothing more than a sad rehash of the far superior song Lady Picture Show from their previous album. Well, I am biased... Lady Picture Show is one of my favorite STP songs.

Anyways, aside from her poor taste in music, 99.9's Saturday night DJ has a flat and dry voice; she's boring. Radio stations can not afford boring.

OK, I'll get off of my soapbox now and stop judging people for their inferior musical preferences.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    If you were listening from 9-11 pm, then you were actually tuning in to their "Open Waters" segment where regular folks with no DJ training can go in and share their music and thoughts (pre-recorded). If you'd think you'd be interested, I would encourage you to go to their website and sign up. My hubbie did it, and it was a lot of fun.

  2. I miss Spocompton...I mean Spokane! I really have some good memories there and one included me serving STP coffee when I was a barista at 4 Seasons coffee downtown. I was too star struck to ask for an autograph.