Blogfest pictures

Well, I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped for, but I'd rather talk to people than take their pictures.
DFO discovers how to use a microphone
Doug Clark shares some humorous Hagadone stories before performing "Hagadone blues."

It was nice to finally be able to put some faces to the screen names of people whose online personas I've come to know over the last couple of years. It was also interesting to see who, in real life, resembles their virtual selves. Bob is just as intimidating in person as he is online, while Thom is as animated and energetic as I expected - if not more so. I'm always amazed to see people who speak about their dogs with the same passion as they do politics. Some of my other fellow North Idaho bloggers, however, were far different from their online personalities. MamaJD is both younger and kinder than I expected. I enjoyed visiting with Brent; while extremely passionate in writing, he's much more reserved in person.

Meeting Kendramama & Tonydaddy strengthened my opinion that Bill Douglas should not be re-elected for County Prosecutor. While he may have been following the letter of the law, it is apparent that he has forgotten the spirit of the law. Kendra is proof that people can change. She's a sweetheart with an adorable baby boy. (Unfortunately, his back is turned in the picture below.)

Kendra, Tony, & family

Bekah also broke out of her comfort zone to spend the afternoon with us "nerds" (AKA, bloggers). I'm thankful to have a wife that tolerates my hobbies. We also brought the Squishy with us - of course, everybody loved her.

Bekah Boo & the Squishy

All in all - good times. I'm looking forward to another year of blogging with the Huckleberries crowd.

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  1. nic, nice to see that your wife came to support you. My wife was curious to see what motley collection of folks hang out at Huckleberries, too.