I have a love/hate relationship with Boise. Every time I visit the City of Trees, I simultaneously wish I could move back and remember all of the reasons I moved away. I miss the people and the culture, but I despise the climate and scenery. We visit, and Bekah says we should move back down there... but then she says her sister should move back up here. To sum it up: Boise is simultaneously the best and worst place to vacation.

On the plus side...

*This is the first real vacation we've had in a long time. We usually use our vacation to be camp councilors, but that's more work than it is R&R.
* I've continued reading through Velvet Elvis, and the book has continued to challenge my perspectives.
* Yesterday morning Christian randomly said, "a triangle has three sides and three angles, and when you add four that equals seven." He knows has known his shapes as long as he's known how to talk, but the arithmetic is a new thing. I'm amazed that he can do simple math, but can't yet button his own pants.
* Our trip to the zoo was one of the best zoo experiences we've ever had. It was sunny, the kids behaved, most of the animals we out (they often hide), and I took some good pictures. Over all, I'm pleased. (BTW, if bears could ride buses, the sloth bear would ride the short bus.)
* Christian's souvenir from the zoo was a stuffed monkey. He named it Moo.
* I texted a co-worker on Friday to see how my class went without me. In reference to the trainer that was covering for me: "She hasn't said it went badly."
* We had Flying Pie for Dinner last night. Oh how I wish there was a Flying Pie in Coeur d'Alene. (On an odd note: Flying Pie has a 310 pound ball of tin foil in their waiting area. I know some Cd'A locals who could put that tin foil to good use.) If you are visiting Boise - I highly recommend getting some Flying Pie.

On the downside...

*I know I may be the only one who sees this as a downside, but it is hot here.

We're waiting on the day to cool off before doing anything today. Maybe head back to Kathrine Albertsons Park, or head downtown, or keep loafing around with Bekah's older sister.


  1. I would take Boise over Dallas any day! Sounds like a nice weekend getaway.