Happy Halloween!

Enjoy these scarrrrrry videos. (Warning, the following videos contain some sarcasm, mild obscenities, and more racist idiots than I can tolerate.)

How is Sarah Palin dressing up for Halloween? Check her receipts from Sacs 5th Avenue. (hint: it might have something to do with Michael Jackson...)
Project Beltway

This is what it's like in a "real American" town.
Understanding Real America in Wasilla

This is how "real Americans" behave. If these are what Palin/McCain refer to as "real Americans" from "real small-town America" I will gladly call myself unAmerican.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday.


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    ok, the problem with this video is that you let one side have their say, but not the other. What were they saying on the Obama camp. Afraid to show that? I thought so. Both sides of the issue should be shown.
    Why did you play music for Obama's line, and not McCains? Biased are we?
    You can see and hear just as much crap on the other side buddy.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frr2Jm_WKfY


    It goes both ways my friend. It has nothing to do with being American or supporting either candidate. There are just many, many stupid people out there.