10 things I'm thankful for today.

10. I am thankful that my son joyously ate carrots and cucumbers, two things I would not have eaten when I was his age. (or begrudgingly if I did indeed eat them)

9. I am thankful that Starbucks was open this morning.

8. I am thankful for my father-in-law, who not only discovered #9, but also delivered my white chocolate mocha.

7. I am thankful that I found my MP3 player while cleaning this week. I now have something to listen to when I go for a walk.

6. I am thankful for my wife's apple pie. I don't like apple pie... but dang she makes good apple pie.

5. I am thankful that the Seahawks won today. Just kidding on that last one. They lost... horribly. In fact, both of my favorite teams lost today. What I am thankful for is underdogs. I am one. I like rooting for them... even when they have no hope to win.

4. I am thankful that my brother-in-law won at Monopoly. Granted, he cheated several times... but if it helps him feel better about himself, I'm all for it.

3. I am thankful that the girls slept in today.

2. I am thankful for snow. No, it didn't snow today. Not really. But it's coming. Soon.

1. And finally, I am thankful for my wife who puts up with all of my failures, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies. I am thankful that she doesn't let let me settle for lowered expectations. She has made me a better man.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I was rather thankful for the Seahawks game myself.