Update: The holiday diet

Remember that crazy idea that I had about six weeks ago - the one about trying to lose weight over the holidays?

I started at 186.6 pounds. Today's weight.... 185. I lost a pound and a half.

HOORAY! (sounds of my inner voices cheering) I know, it's just a pound and a half. But it's a start. 40 more pounds to go and Bekah will let me get a big screen TV! However, at this rate, it'll take me 156 weeks to get there. At least by then my kids will be old enough to know not to bang stuff against the TV screen.


  1. This is what my doctor gave me when I asked her about losing weight:

    No more than 1200 calories daily
    No more than 75 carbs
    No LESS than 100 grams of protein
    And never skip a meal.

    I can give you the explanation for all of these if you want. I started doing this a week ago and it seems to be working pretty well.

    Good luck!!

  2. You should try: fitday.com it's an awesome website where you can easily look up what you've eaten, adjust the portion sizes, and see your daily calorie intake. There also so many really cool graphs to see your progress. I lost 15 lbs. since September using this site. Slow, but steady progress...I just need to stay away from evil things Steve brings home from the bakery! It's no fun having a standoff with Swedish Lace Cake at 9:30pm. Good luck to you!!!