Me, seven years ago part 2

Excerpt from my journal dated 8/18/02

What happened to our ambitions? Why have we let our dreams and aspirations disappear? Unfortunately, I too have let my hopes of a career in architecture fade into the quite routine of daily life. But unlike most, my dreams didn't die - they just changed. I still look forward to doing something with my life. Rational or not, I still have big dreams.

Wouldn't it be nice if, when we return to our high school reunions, all the kids that we grew up with have made a name for themselves? I would rather see my former classmates as CEO's doing volunteer work with the Special Olympics than a delivery driver going through rehab.

That's my dream, not just for those I went to school with but for myself as well. I believe that it is possible. I believe that everyone can achive living a life they always hoped for.

We need to learn to dream. Ignore the TV, the radio, newspapers, and anything that tells you how to think. Forget everything that you've ever learned and take a moment to imagine what kind of life you want for yourself. How did you picture your future as a kid? Ponder this daily. Pass notes, draw with crayons, play tic-tac-toe. Find something to laugh at every day. Start thinking creatively, and above all - dream.

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