Brainwashing... Indoctrination... Terror!

Tomorrow, my son (like many other kids in Coeur d'Alene) is starting his first day of school. Elsewhere across the nation, President Obama will be addressing school kids on the nap-time channel (AKA: C-SPAN). There's been rumors and fear-mongering about the content of the Presidents speech. Some say that he will be force-feeding his political agenda on our kids, and the opposing side say that those that don't like the President are racist. I'm not ready to jump on either bandwagon, but there's got to be some truth out there.

First I must say, my kid is safe. I'm pretty sure they will not be airing the speech in Christian's pre-school class... and even if they did, the speech will be over by the time he gets there. I don't need to worry about opting out my son. But what about everybody else. Is there a valid reason to fear this message of setting goals and working hard?

Well, I've found it - the President's secret agenda. Buried in the Q&A section of the US Department of Education's website, I have found the true evil of this administrations purpose for speaking directly to our children.

Q: What is the speech about?
A: The goal of the speech... is to challenge students to set goals, work hard and stay in school.

(emphasis added)

There. That's the agenda. Stay in SCHOOL. And what kind of schooling is the president referring to? Public schools - a state funded public institution. Such a socialist. He wants our kids to stay in a socialist educational system. It's a system that takes money from the rich home owners and redistributes it to the poor - most of those students aren't even old enough to pay taxes. And some of those that are old enough don't even have jobs. They are just milking our hard earned tax dollars.

Oh, yes. There is much to fear. Our kids should give up on their dreams now.

And if you think I'm serious, you are probably one of those that are keeping your kids home tomorrow so that they won't be brainwashed by the President.

The real fear is that school budgets are being cut. And there are those out there who believe that schools should be stripped to the barest of academic basics. Kids are not the only ones who should stay in school. Parents need to be there. And so should the community. Please support your schools. It doesn't matter if you have kids enrolled or not. Investing in our schools is investing in the future of this nation. Go out at watch you local high school football team, or buy tickets to a school play. If you have the time - volunteer with a youth program. If you have the resources - donate. These young minds are the greatest resources this nation possesses.

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