Implicated by association

Zu had a bad day. How bad? It included squirting food coloring into and all over mommy and daddy's bedroom, stealing food, and being generally not nice to her siblings.

Before bed, Bekah wanted Zu to tell me about all of the naughty things that were done during the day. Problem: Zu couldn't remember everything and what she could remember she didn't want to admit.

Mommy resorted to prompting.

Bekah: "Did you steal the M&Ms?"
Zu: "No."
Bekah: "Did you eat them without permission?"
Zu: "No."
Bekah: "While hiding behind the couch?"
Zu: "No."
Bekah: "With your brother?"
Zu: "Yes."

My daughter is incapable of accept her share of wrongdoing unless she can in some fassion implicate her brother in an equal crime.

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