There are many things that inspire me. My kids. Funny conversations I hear in the world around me. A compelling song. The way fog wraps itself around Canfield Mountain at sunrise.

Motivation is a different creature. If inspiration is how you do the things you do, motivation is the why. In my universe, inspiration is in infinite supply. However my motivation frequently needs a hint.

At home, I have that reminder to the right of my computer sandwiched between my hat collection and a cup of writing sticks.

This is what I see every time I reach for my mouse. Every time I sit at my desk, they're telling me to do something. Write something. Be productive.

They are as follows.

1. The Elements of Fiction Writing series that my sister-in-law bestowed upon me for my birthday.

2. A borrowed copy of Stephen King's On Writing.

3. Three dictionaries. English, Spanish, and German.

4. A book about parenting a kid with Aspergers.

5. Jon Acuff's Quitter. (ps, Quitter is currently available through iTunes for $5.95 - you should get it. Really, you should.)

What motivates you?

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