Things my daughter is thankful for

Zu's class made a Thanksgiving art project writing the things they're thankful for on leafs.

In case you can't read the writing from the picture, below are the things she is glad to have in her life. This is the inner workings of my 4 & 1/2 year old little girl's mind.

"I love her snuggles. I'm Thankful for her hugs and kisses."

"I'm thankful for when my dad hugs me really tight and when he lets me draw a unicorn."*

"I'm thankful for when he jumps on the trampoline with me and for when he plays chase and tries to catch me."

"I'm thankful for when he likes to wrestle with me and when we eat apples together."

Grandma & Grandpa:
"I'm thankful for when Grandma gives me licorice and when she and I go on special dates. I'm thankful for when Grandpa hugs me and snuggles me and throws me up in the air.

* I do not recall ever letting her draw unicorns. I don't remember prohibiting it either.

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