What's different?

Due to my audacious risk, there are some things that must change. If I'm going to get healthy, I will need to do things differently than the way I usually operate.

So, what's different?

Keep in mind, that I've set this ridiculous goal to not only improve my physical health by losing weight. My true end is a holistic perspective - to heal emotionally along with the physical aspect.

I've long had the opinion that everyone has five different aspects to their lives that are all interconnected and a lack in one will affect the others. If you're sick, you don't typically want to go hang out with friends. If you're struggling with self esteem, the will to exercise or eat healthy foods is weakened. Everything is connected.

So, what's different?

Here are those five areas with notes of what I'm doing different. This is my track to getting back to the person that I once was.

Physical: Exercise has become a priority. I'm spending more time outside, taking regular walks with increasing pace (might actually start running one of these days). No more elevator at work. I'm also doing yoga with the kids.

Social: Geekery. Some friends of mine host a bi-weekly (ish) event at their place for the nerds like us to gather and celebrate the fact that we're all geeks.

Spiritual: I've mentioned before how I've struggled fitting in - especially in a church setting. That's changing. I've returned to the church that I attended a few years ago - where I used to volunteer as a youth leader and was able to connect on some level with most of the church leadership. The kids and I go on Friday nights - which is also the night that the church serves ice cream sundaes after the service. In the few weeks since I've made that switch, I'm all ready feeling more connected and engaged.

Mental: I'm forcing myself to write more. Even if it's utter crap that no one will ever see, I'm putting words onto paper. My plans. My dreams. My fears. Random thoughts. It's making my mind work a little overtime so that it's able to handle all of the other stuff that comes up during the course of the day.

Emotional: This is all about rest. Finding moments during the day to take a breather - to mentally check out long enough to stay focused on what needs to get done. And since I'm going to church on Friday nights, I'm finally able to treat Sundays like a Sabbath. Sunday is my day of rest, the day that I do nothing. No church, no chores, no work. Just rest.

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming perfection in any area of my health. Reality shows I stil have a long way to go. This is just my start. Baby steps.

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