What would it take for a piece of blue cheese?

Christian doesn't like cheese. Texture issues. So when the other kids sprinkled finely shredded mozzarella onto their angel hair pasta, he shied away from the topping for his own meal. Zu generously offered some of her own and he refused.

"I would never eat that," he said, "not even if some one offered me a million dollars."
"I would," I replied.
"But you like cheese."
"This type I do. But not all cheeses."

Christian looked at me funny. He's never seen a cheese I don't like.

"Blue cheese," I said, "don't like it."
Zu piped in, "Blue cheese? Is it really blue?"
"A little," I answered, "sometimes a little greenish."
"Ew," she said. "No one could ever get me to eat blue cheese. Yuck."
"Not even for a million dollars?" Christian asked.
"No, not even for a million dollars."
"What if," my turn. "What if someone said they'd give you every My Little Pony toy that has ever existed if you ate one piece of blue cheese? Would you eat it then."
"OK," Zu replied. "For that, I would eat one tiny tiny slice of blue cheese."

In my daughter's world, My Little Pony is better than money.

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