At the coffee shop

Barista: "You want something?"
Me: "I do."
Barista: "One moment" (finishes up someone else's order) "OK, what can I get you."
Me: "I need caffeine."
Barista: (laughs)
Me: "White chocolate, white coffee, mint, iced."
Barista: "Mocha, latte, breve?"
Me: "Surprise me."
Barista: "Four shots?"
Me: "Absolutely."
Barista: (makes drink, hands it to me) "Everyone is super tired today. You too?"
Me: "Yup."
Barista: "Not able to sleep last night?"
Me: "No, just hanging out with friends - stayed out far too late."
Barista: "Ah, self inflicted."
Me: "Yes, it's my own dang fault."

At least I'm willing to admit it. And I regret nothing.

*photo courtesy of Foodspotting

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