Blogfest 2016

This afternoon, the denizens of HBO gathered for the annual Blogfest event at Fort Ground Grill in CdA. Below are a few pictures of the crowd of strangers I've come to consider friends over the past decade.

I don't have much commentary to add other than my gratitude for the community that Dave Oliveria created and for Mayor Widmyer for hosting and feeding us.
Christian spent most of his time reading Harry Potter. Zu and JJ took turns swapping devices - either playing games or listening to music.

There were a lot of familiar faces this year, along with some new. Thank you to all that chatted with me. I look forward to another year with all y'all.


  1. Very well-attended and so good to see everyone. I realized today that I have some very good friends all because of Huckleberries!!! I love this place!! Thank you Mayor Steve for the location. Thank you DFO for thinking this blog-thing up in the first place. Thank you, Bent for the great cider! And WHOEVER for the cookies - always the best. I cannot re-create them on my own so I just wait a whole year for my next two or three or a dozen.

    1. It was so good to see you - especially with the wonderful news you had to share.