Make Money, Save Money

You might see something a little different on the blog. Christian was excited to see it because even as a sixth grader he knows enough about the starving artist that he doesn't want me to be one.

So I decided to try something new. This blog has existed in one form or another for almost twelve years and I've done it without ads. Now if you look in the top left of the page and underneath the newest post, you'll see advertisements. Or above and underneath if your on mobile. Or not at all if your browser has an ad-blocker (in which case you can pretend this post doesn't exist).

Does that mean I've sold out? It is possible. But what is for certain is I am taking baby steps to turn my work into something more than a hobby. That starts with a tiny effort to generate some extra income. Even if it is only enough to buy a single cup of coffee at Starbucks every other month. Besides, I can't save money if I don't make money.

ps: if you see an ad that is horrendous, annoying, or offensive, please let me know.

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