A Fitting Change of Scenery

Today was my first real day in my new position. After a day of transition and two days of training, my transfer has been completed. It is a little weird to sit down and actually do some of these things that I've spent the last few years teaching other people to do. But all is well; I've got my new desk. And for the first time in four and a half years, I have a fixed schedule - one that's set in stone (or at least wet concrete).

On the wall above my new desk is one of those motivational posters. Underneath the picture of a butterfly in a field of orange flowers is the title CHANGE. And the motivational message: The one thing that remains constant is change.

Fitting. Welcome to Inetech.

I'm sure this is God's divine sense of humor.

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  1. We have a similar motto where I work. You just have to be adaptable and then change won't upset you. Not that you appear upset. This is for anyone.