I should stop cooking

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While cooking pancakes... I splashed hot buttery grease on my left hand.

While cooking a cheese quesadilla... I splashed hot greasy vegetable oil on my right hand.

Have you ever had one of those days that make you feel like you can't do anything right? Yeah. That was me. Today.


  1. Yeh I have, in fact is was everyday last weekend when i spent nearly ten hours everyday reading research papers, only finding that 30% could not follow simple instructions repeated daily on how to format each portion of the paper. Whatever I did, I feel as if I didn't explain anything simple enough for the students to understand. I feel as if I have boiled water and dripped hot grease all over my body. 30% failing in my course. What's up with that...I do know the reason, but I really can't announce it without sounding like an ***...TM

  2. Anonymous1:14 AM


    1. Those are not very good for "someone who is trying to diet".

    2. Why are "you" cooking anyway?

  3. I fry bacon without a shirt on. I am a daredevil.