Walking to work this week has been challenging. It's only 2 miles, take me about 40 - 45 minutes... in dry weather - something we've not seen in a few weeks. The week began with compact snow & ice on narrow streets. (I've been forced to walk in the street since the sidewalks are buried under mountainous berms of snow.) Midweek, the path turned into alternating chunks of ice and pavement with minor flooding, cold rain, and gusts of wind. Thursday night, all the rain from the receeding day froze - making my final walk of the week a slippery one. In case you're wondering... walking two miles on slick ice is not recomended.

I have to listen to music while walking to work. If I don't, I'll just be grumpy by the time I get there. The music keeps me moving, calms me, and helps me prepare my mind for work. And this past week, it's made me smile. (and considering the how trecherous the roads were, I needed a something to smile about.) Walking through the wind and snow - wading through the slush - a big grin on my face... I'm sure I looked like a goon. But at least I was still smiling when I got to work. There's no better way to start your work day than with a smile on your face.

So, here are three of the songs that made me smile while walking through North Idaho's finest weather.

Audioslave: Show Me How to Live

Cranberries: Salvation

Soul Coughing: Rolling

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