Judge Judy brings protest to Bush ranch

Waco TX

Taking her cues from previous protester, Cindy Sheehan, Judge Judy Sheindlin is setting up camp beside the highway near President George Bush's Crawford area ranch.

Sheindlin's demonstration has a very different focus however, as Judge Judy disputes President Bush's nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice.

As Roberts faces the Senate Judiciary Committee today to answer questions about political and personal beliefs, Judge Judy holds a picket sign near Crawford, demanding an audience with the President.

After losing a bid for a prime-time slot for her show on CBS, she began to lobby for a Supreme Court nomination.

"I'm horrified," she says. "I'm not looking for a Broadway show to do next. This is my show. This is my gig. I'm not looking for anything afterward."

Supporters joining Sheindlin in Texas are her husband and fellow judge Jerry, a handful of plaintiffs and defendants who have received favorable judgments on her daytime TV show, and her bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd.

"I'm mainly here for security," says Hawkins-Byrd.

"I spent 20 years presiding in New York's family court," says Judge Judy. "All he did was private practice."

Both Sheindlin judges stress the importance of family values in politics and law.

"If you've looked at what I've done since I've taken the judicial oath, you would be convinced my rulings have continuously supported the health and welfare of the American family. We need a stronger moral foundation in our country, I would like to do my part to get there."

Roberts was a political power play as President Bush's choice to replace Chief Justice William H Rehnquist. Judge Judy is hoping to be considered as the President seeks a replacement for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

"I would just like the opportunity to meet with the President. If he would take time away from his busy schedule, he would see me as the perfect candidate."

After the protest near the Bush ranch is over, Sheindlin plans on joining the relief efforts in New Orleans by handing out bottled water and lecturing looters.

When Roberts was asked of Sheindlin's desire for nomination, he said, "You and I agree that that's not the sort of person we want on the Supreme Court."

The White House press secretary could not be reached for comment.

Disclaimer: Judy Sheindlin and her husband are NOT in Texas. Some of the above quotes may have been doctored or completely taken out of context.

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