of seagulls and children

During a nice little picnic lunch at the park with Bekah and Christian, I made a few observations I'd like to share with you.

First the birds...
1. Seagulls do not like to be chased
2. But they do like to be fed
3. They will eat anything
4. Seagulls do not trust humans
5. But if you feed them, they will follow you
6. If one lone seagull finds food, another dozen will appear out of nowhere

And the kids...
1. The shortest distance between a little boy and his mom is always through a puddle
2. Sunlight is good as long as it is not in your eyes
3. Kids will eat anything, even woodchips
4. You might think it's cute to shove a kid's head through a hole to pose for pictures
5. The kid doesn't think it's cute
6. One year olds can fall asleep while eating

1 comment:

  1. like father, like son. Your mom says you did very well falling asleep during eating also.