we are being lied to

The Spokane/Coeur D'Alene area has been covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Actually, smothered with massive amounts of the white pordwery stuff would be a better description. Snow was expected but it didn't happen according to plan.

Now, I'm not complaining. I love snow - it's beautiful outside, and winter is my favorite season. It just didn't happen like we were told it would.

The original forcast called for 4-6 inches overnight Friday with scattered flurries through the rest of the week. We had a dizzle rain Friday evening and woke up to dry ground on Saturday. Sunday's forcast predicted light snow on Monday and Tuesday with minimal acumulation and then steady snowfall and significant (large) amounts sticking to the ground on Thursday. If the 6-8 inches we've recieved in the last 48 hours is "minimal," I'd hate to see what they mean by "significant."

And this morning, the wonderfull meteorwrongogist on NWCN said that there would not be any snow today and a slight chance of snow tomorrow. Needless to say, it has been snowing non-stop since I left for work this morning.

I'm sure that they're not intentionally lying to us, I just think they don't know what they're talking about. If someone tells me that meteorology requires years of education and scientific training I'd laugh. I honestly belive that news networks do not recruit educated people for their weather reporting.

Here's how I think it happens: A producer is walking downtown and sees someone dancing in the rain and thinks Hmmm, that person would look GREAT in a suit and tie. They should be a weatherman. Then the poor, unsuspecting fool gets slapped with the title of meteorologist and is thrown in front of a camera for a live broadcast. If ratings go up, the person stays. Due to the acuracy of reporting, I think news agencies might have better luck recruiting from the Psychic Friends Network.

As for local maintenance (now I am complaining) they plow snow here like they do in Boise. Instead of using a "plow" they use steamrollers, treating snow like asphalt. Take 6 inches of snow and compact it down into 2 inches of solid ice.

The radio this morning reported about a half dozen accidents and a couple multi-car pile-ups along I-90 recomending everyone to avoid the area if possible. Every accident, I'm sure, included an SUV with 4-wheel drive. (freaks think they rule the roads) Some may chalk up all of these accidents to inexperienced driving or not knowing how to drive in the snow. While that may be true, who can fault them when the freeway is slicker than any ice rink before the start of a hocky game. It's like driving a zamboni along a sandy beach - you can do it, but you will probably damage the zamboni.


  1. Wait until you see our weather forecasts here in Cheyenne. And you thought you are being lied to!!! Ha! These cracks can only tell you if it ever gets too cold to snow, not if it is going to. Oh well, at least we can wait 5 minutes or drive 5 miles down the road to get better and more likeable results if the meteorolgistic type can't help us.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Very marvelous. Experienced the same thing down here in Moscow... Just recently the sororities and fraternities have been chipping the ice off the sidewalks so there are large chunks at the sides in piles that look like someone broke a very large yellow vase and just left the pieces there after sweeping up the sidewalk. Funny how thing are...

  3. yellow?! what kind of snow are ya'll getting down there colleen?