By reading this blog, some might come to believe that I lead an exciting life. If you happen to be one of those people you are sadly mistaken. I am sorry to have misled you.

Just an example of how boring my life REALLY is... I finally have a second page of friends on Myspace. And I find that exciting. I would feel special but half of those friends are bands that I'm a fan of. Not really friends.

In other news. Local police arrested a bona fide nutcase last Tuesday. An officer was attacked by this wacko who was wandering down the road blocking traffic. The whole story is quite entertaining but here are my favorite highlights:
1. After arrest, officers discovered a coin taped to the man's butt cheek. Fruit Loop explained that it was covering a birth mark that also happened to be a direct line to China.
2. His reason for being out in the street? He was the son of Howard Hughes and was looking for cannabis.
3. And why did he attack the arresting officer? It was a family quarrel. He told the court that the officer was his second cousin and had no right to arrest him... even if he was in uniform. (side note, officer and the crazy guy are not related in any way)
4. Also in court, he made mention of involvement in a case in a different state (where he has previous assault of an officer charges) that includes an executive order signed by Ronald Reagan.
5. Besides being off his rocker, he is also quite strong. It took the officer, a passing motorist, and a trucker to subdue the man.
6. His name is Bender. And I thought Bender was the name of the robot in Futurama.
If you want to read the full story it was in Wednesday's edition of the CDA Press with the headline "Judge orders mental exams for suspect." (http://www.cdapress.com) No worries for those of us iving in North Idaho, bail is set at 150 grand. Unless his birth mark can get him in touch with some rich friends in China, I don't think he'll be out any time soon.


  1. Two pages of friends on MySpace!!! Cool, now if only you had a birth mark too. Then, you might be able to connect to some far off long lost friend type people to increase the number of "friends" you have on MySpace.

  2. Laughing, about it all: crazy guy, myspace popularity... all of it.