What ever happened to personal responsibility?

I have my reasons for asking. I may share them later but for now, I just want your thoughts.


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  1. There is no responsibility anymore. We are all victims of something which has caused us to act, think and respond in the manner we do. It's not my fault I wasn't abused as a child. It's not my fault my mother didn't smoke when pregnant with me. It's not my fault I was expected to think for myself. How was I supposed to know that common sense would be the culprit for my personal responsibility. Heck, for all I know, I was brainwashed to actually think for myself and work for a living instead of blaming others for those things I do/don't do.

    Okay, maybe it is my fault I use common sense. That said, I take full responsibility for everything I said above and that which I will do and not yet know I will do it.