Happy Monday... er, Tuesday!

Three things to help get your week going upon return from the holiday.

First, Christian is learning how to use utensils when eating. This is a good thing because now, he will be able to shovel food into his own mouth. Apparently, I cannot do it fast enough. He is a vary smart kid, he knows where his food belongs. Before, if food fell astray from the spoon I was holding Christian would grab it off his plate and proceed to shove fist and food into his mouth. But this weekend, we wanted to let him use his spoon on his own to eat his mac & cheese with peas. (Don't ask, it's one of Bekah's favorite combinations.) This time instead of treating fallen food as finger food, he would pick the cheesy pasta up, put it back in the bowl, and try again.

I believe the origin of the phrase "getting your foot in the door" had something to do with elevators. The elevators at my place of employment will bump your shoulder if you walk though it while it's closing. The door will nearly chop your hand off if you try to keep it from closing with a trust of your arm. However, if you stick your foot into the path of the closing door, it will magically reopen. Occasionally, as I watch people exit the elevator from the far end of the hall, I want to shout "Go, go gadget-leg" just so I can get my foot through the door. This mad rush to get to the elevator would not be an issue if it wasn't for the fact that our elevator is slower than glacial recession.

And finally. I have nixed the idea of going to Nepal. The trip was postponed, and logistically wasn't a possibility for me. However I will be opting for a different trip a little closer to home that both Bekah and I can do. Tentatively, we'll be going to New Orleans October 26th-30th to assist a church and surrounding community in the ongoing rebuilding process. We will be doing some fund raising to go, and we don't have all of the trip's details yet, but we will shortly. As soon as we have those details, you will all know.

Well, that's all that I have for now. I do have to save some brain functionality for work.

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